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INVISIBLETILT Impeccable good looks
Even better operation, bar none!

InvisibleTilt™ eliminates the tilt bar in the middle. It ensures that all louvers move in sync and are perfectly aligned. Shutters close tighter and are more reliable, views are wider and free from obstructions created by the tilt bar.

InvisibleTilt"Hidden" Tilt

"Hidden" tilt systems place the tilt rod on the back but still create an unsightly look when viewed from the sides or from the outside. They are also a fuss to clean. With InvisibleTilt™ you get the real deal performance and beauty that's 100% tilt rod free!

Gear-driven performance

Traditional tilt-rod-and-staple systems can loosen or corrode over time. Norman®'s proprietary technology, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensures smooth and precise movement with tight closure for years to come.

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